Using SF Rental Calculator for 34 Year Tenancy

Posted February 6th, 2016 in News by ReLISTO posted an article about artist David Brenkus a tenant who was recently evicted from a 34 year residency at 53 Walter Street by Dr. Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam. David was paying $735/month for the last 34 years and seemingly had never received a rent increase.

Calculating Rent Increases in SF can be challenging for both tenants and owners alike so its not surprising that 34 years went by without one. To raise rent in SF a landlord must accurately, to the penny calculate the allowed annual percentage, use the proper anniversary date and account for all Banked increase amounts to name just a few variables. Any mistakes can be risky since the Rent Board can reverse the whole rent increase if any part of the calculation is incorrect. Luckily now there is a tool for both tenants and landlords to make these calculations easy. In addition to allowable rent increases the SF Rental Calculator will calculate security deposit increases and rent board fees.

Using the situation at 53 Walter Street* San Francisco Ca we used the SF Rental Calculator to calculate 1) Allowable Rent 2) Security Deposit Interest and 3) Rent Board Fee Reimbursements

  • If Dr. Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam had decided to legally raise Davids rent as of February 1, 2016, what could they had raised it to?
  • Based on a January 1, 1982 tenancy start, rent could have been raised 82.4% to $1,354.59 on Feb 1, 2016. 735 RENT

  • David upon leaving the apartment should have received interest on the security deposit money he had given to his landlord.
  • Assuming security was also $735 and Move In was January 1, 1982, David was eligible for a $880.53 reimbursement from the owner.
    board fee

  • Dr. Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam should have also received from David reimbursement for Rent Board Fees
  • Assuming Move In was January 1, 1982, Dr Paras Harshawat and his wife Roopam were eligible for a $259.50 reimbursement from David
    board fee

    The SF Rental Calculators were created for landlords, tenants and property managers to freely and easily use, increasing transparency in what can be a very cumbersome process and set of calculations. The SF Rental Calculators are regularly updated and checked for accuracy.

    *Please note that not all the variables for the situation at 53 Walter were fully known and as such some assumptions were made to have the ability to make calculations.