San Francisco Security Deposit and Rent Board Fee Calculator

If you're a tenant or landlord in San Francisco you are most likely due interest on your security deposit or a Rent Board Fee reimbursement.

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  • Why do the calculations between August 4, 2002 and June 14, 2003 follow a different pattern?+

    In this period, the San Francisco Administrative Code changed the method for calculating interest on security deposits.

    As Jeffery P. Woo reported on the San Francisco Apartment Association Website, "The Rent Board takes the position that for any interest payment paid after March 1, but prior to June 15, all three interest periods must now be accounted for." ReLISTO's SF Security Deposit Interest and Rent Board Fee Calculator calculates all three interest periods.

  • Was the calculator updated to a new version?+

    Yes it has been updated. January 2015 ReLISTO conducted a major upgrade to the San Francisco Security Deposit Interest and Rent Board Fee Calculator. In addition to modernizing the look and feel of the product, we added the following features

    1) Report Tools- Ability to fully see over time the exact interest or board fees
    2) Print Reports- Print a summary of your findings
    3) Email Reports- Email a summary of your findings
    4) Calculate last day of tenancy-
    5) Easily modify dates  to recalculate another value without starting over

  • Tenant vacating,. If selected, why does this change the value? +

    The exact language from the San Francisco Rent Board website is in quotes below. In short, if the tenant is terminating their tenancy, then interest is due through the last day. By checking the box, this value will be calculated..

    From the Rent Board: " Where a tenant vacates after one year of occupancy but before the next annual due date, the interest payment for the partial year period must be pro-rated and calculated using the interest rate in effect on the date the tenant vacates."

  • How does the calculator establish the daily rate of interest?+

    The daily rate of interest is based on the number of days in the current year.

  • When is Security Deposit Interest Owed? +

    Per the SF Rent Board Website: "Interest must be paid every year on the tenant's "annual due date." For tenancies beginning after September 1, 1983, the annual due date is the same day and month the landlord received the deposit from the tenant. (If the tenant moved in and paid a deposit before September 1, 1983, interest was due on September 1, 1984 and every September 1st thereafter.) "

    The calculator follows the rules laid out by the SF Rent Board very closely. Interest rate is based on the rate in effect on the "Due Date"

  • Does the Rent Board Fee always apply?+

    Every rental property in San Francisco with a few exceptions is assessed a rent board fee. If they are assessed this fee, then the landlord may pass 1/2 of this fee along to their tenants. If they were not assessed the fee then they cannot pass this fee.

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  • November 2016 San Francisco Rent Board Fees For 2016/2017+

    ReLISTO's Security Deposit Calculator has been updated for the 2016-2017 tax year, the rental unit fee is $40.00 per apartment unit and $20.00 per residential hotel room. The landlord may collect 50% of the fee from tenants, which is $20.00 per apartment unit and $10.00 per residential hotel room. ReLISTO's Security Deposit Calculator is focused on apartments and has been created so both tenants and landlords alike can have a easy to use resource to calculate these amounts.