Property Search Resources and Links For The San Francisco Bay Area:  Gas, Electric, Water, Sewer, Internet and  Garbage Services to Move into your new rental property.


San Francisco: 


Electricity and Gas For San Francisco

PG&E runs gas and electricity service for the majority of San Francisco. To turn on, off or transfer service, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 or, use the PG&E link below  to  create a My Energy account and manage things online. Contact PG&E about a week before you move power and gas have been turned on before you move into your new apartment, condominium, loft, or house.






Water Services For San Francisco

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission handles water services in the city. To have water services turned on or off or to open or close an account, call their customer service line at  415-351-3000 Monday – Friday .  Website with additional information is



Garbage Services For San Francisco

Contact Recology Sunset Scavengers  415-330-1300  |



1-800-WEBPASS    ||