Why Agents Are Successful With ReLISTO


Generous Commissions

We provide a wide array of leasing services, requiring experts with good knowledge of the industry and of salesmanship. We  reward results and service. 



Success in the residential, commercial and touring industry is in a large part due to the amount of collaboration an agent has with their home team. At ReLISTO we actively support team building efforts to esure each agent is successful and pleased with their work. 



We provide an elite professional environment to help grow and develop your business.  Our team consists of individuals with years of experience and expertise in the San Francisco rental market. ReLISTO’s Managing Broker Jackie Tom is the  SFAA’s Leasing Agent Of The Year as well as the Small Property Owner Of The Year providing an invaluable  knowledge and network to our team members


Leasing Only

We specialize in leasing and the services that support our lease offerings. As we don’t engage in sales or property management, each leasing agent, their deals and their needs always recieve top priority.   


Leads, Leads, Leads!

Our aggressive strategies and continual presence in online, print and outdoor advertising generate lots of calls and emails. That means we provide our leasing consultants a consistent flow of leads to augment individual marketing efforts. 


ReLISTO Academy

We believe that leasing is an unique profession and we seek professionals with superior skills — and the capacity to grow. To support this belief we’ve created the ReLISTO Academy, where new agents can  learn from the more experienced to achieve the highest level of service and success.  Our goal is to have the most knowledgeable agents in the industry to be best equipped to advise our landlord clients to maximize their returns and find qualified tenants.  



We provide our agents the advanced tools required to minimize the time and effort required to find high quality leads and minimize the sales cycle.