ReLISTO Featured In Wall Street Journal

Posted April 25th, 2012 in News by ReLISTO

As a premier provider of  rental property  for the  San Francisco Bay Area, ReLISTO is proud to have been  featured in today’s Wall Street Journal.       We appreciate the great opportunity America’s Cup represents to local landlords and we have   positioned our rental agency to help our landlord clients take advantage of it.

To List Your Property:  We recommend landlords to either give us a call or  complete the form as the first step to make your property available for the event.. .

  • We take the information you submit and post your property onto our website  to take advantage of the anticipated interest..  Once its listed, we will come by to meet, confirm data and take additional pictures
  • As prospective tenants express an interest in your property, we will contact you,  to check on its availability.  If still available, then we will go to the next step to help showcase it, complete an extensive background check and execute a  jurisdiction specific lease (For San Francisco Landlords-This is key)
  • We are seeking homes, lofts, condominiums and apartments


If you are a broker representing a client visiting during the Cup. Give us a call.. We are taking reservations now